Virtech x ArtCenter - Early Exploration - Sergi - Fountain
Virtech x ArtCenter - Early Exploration - Eddie - Levels
Virtech x ArtCenter - Early Exploration - Quincy - Pods

The college campus represents so much more than an arrangement of land and buildings. As courses continue to move online, how can we support and extend our learning community beyond the classroom? What aspects of a student's college experience are now missing now that we are all at home? How can we use digital software, multiplayer interactions, and accessible social platforms to challenge existing campus models and collegiate histories, and imagine new spaces and events needed within higher education now? In collaboration with Caltech, we will use the online platform Second Life to concept, collaborate, design, and build a shared virtual campus. 

How do you design spaces of learning within an online multiplayer platform? What can you learn within these virtual spaces? And how do you leverage the imaginative opportunities these spaces and people within them provide? 

Students will learn the history of higher education and the collegiate campus, conduct online interviews, and use 3d modeling tools to launch their work within Second Life and learn from their results. Students will

  1. Create, test, and launch a virtual space,
  2. Give public tours (live streams), and
  3. Author a video trailer that highlights key features of the space, utilizing communication strategies such as tropes from: the traveling industry, tourism, and real estate.
Virtech - xArtCenter - TOUR
Virtech - xArtCenter - TOUR