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VIRTECH - cliff view

Virtech is an experimental platform for online education, operated by the Virtual Reality Lab, which is a part of the Center for Data-Driven Discovery at Caltech.  It was originally designed as an interactive, social, and private space inside the Virtual World of Second Life, designed to furnish the Caltech community with an alternative to in-person interactions during the pandemic. Through the use of avatars, participants can visit a rich virtual space furnished to enable engaging experience as well as seamless social interaction. Virtech is a safe, pleasant space to socialize, create, collaborate, and learn. It is open to all members of the Caltech community and their approved guests, as well as the members of other academic communities by a special arrangement.

To jump into Virtech simply:

  1. Check out the links below
  2. Second Life Account Creation (External)
  3. Download and install a Second Life browser
  4. Log in to Second Life using that browser and your avatar name and password
  5. Refer to the Basics and Quick Tutorial as needed

Frequently Asked Questions

    If you have more questions, please email us at virtech.hub{at}
    For more background about his project, see this white paper.
    Development of Virtech was supported in part by the Provost's Innovation in Education Fund.

Virtech Crucial Information

You can create a standard SL* account at, and then email Prof. Djorgovski to be added to the Virtech group.

If you are a guest or collaborator you may either:

  1. create a new account in SecondLife or use a pre-exisiting one, and request an invitation from a member of our Virtech Development Team.
  2. request a special pass from our Virtech Development Team to create an account directly from our Virtech portal.*
(*Caltech account portal is temporarily unavailable - we regret the inconvenience.)